14 Kittens That Will Melt Your Heart Where You Sit

Seriously, prepare to fall in love ;)


Kittens are possibly the cutest and most entertaining creatures of the face of the planet.

Google kitten.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.  Ok, so you saw the 54 million results.  That’s some pretty good social proof.

We’ve talked quite a bit about why it’s important to spay and neuter your pet (mentioned in both 4 Tips For a Healthier Cat and 4 More Tips for a Healthier Cat).  Here are 14 reasons why we’re glad these owners went against that advice.

Here are 14 of the cutest kittens we have seen so far this month.  Enjoy!

Oh, and just wait until you get to number 11 😉

  1.  If Your Going To San Francisco

beautiful tabby kittens with flowers in their hair

via Tumblr


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