5 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Cockatiel

Learn more about these amazing companions before bringing one home

cockatiel 5 things before buyingNow I know what you’re thinking and no, you did not misread that title.

This is not about the five things you should know before buying a cocktail.

It’s 5 things you should know before buying a cockatiel (the former’s a list for another day).

Just look at a few pictures of a cockatiel.  Watch a few videos of them whistling songs and playing…

…and then watching a few more until the entire day is gone and you realized you haven’t done any work.  Anyone can see that cockatiels are adorable, playful birds.

But what should you know before you race to Cockatiel Mart?

Do you know about how long the average cockatiel will live?

Do you know what the proper diet for a cockatiel should be?

Did you know that if you give them a little top hat and cane, they will sing every number from My Fair Lady?

Well, two of those topics will be touched on in this article.

Let’s take a look at five things to know before getting your first cockatiel.

Here’s the deal…


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