7-Minute Video Compilation of Kittens Doing the Cutest Things

Buckle in. Your about to get smacked with adorable

This video is proof that kittens are some of the cutest animals ever.

Video description:
1st scene:
A kitten is snuggled on the owner’s arms with his head resting close to the human shoulder. The kitten innocently looks up, rubs his nose with the owner’s, and goes back to snuggling on the owner’s arms. The owner is surprised and gives off a giggle.

2nd scene:
The girl lies on her belly (on the bed) with her head up and looking down. The cat, which is nestled comfortably on her head, wonders what her owner is looking at. The cat grips her front paws tightly and looks downward.

3rd scene:
A kitten lies on her back and looks intently at the owner. The owner’s hand starts rubbing off on the kitty’s belly all the way to her face. As soon as that happens, the kitten nibbles on it.

4th scene:
Cat lies on his back on the car seat and exchanges high-fives with the owner.

5th scene:
Two newly born kittens hug each other while sleeping

6th scene:
Kitten gets her first taste of liquid. She gets puzzled with the flavor and tries to make sense of what she just sipped.

7th scene:
Kitten gets stuck in her owner’s sleeves. She squeals. But she looks comfortable.

8th scene:
A kitten tries to fight for her space in the box, which was initially occupied by an adult cat.

9th scene:
Kitten sleeps snuggly on the dashboard while the car is moving. She sleeps on a tiny stuffed dog toy.

10th scene:
A dog tries gets curious on the kitten lying down on the couch. The dog buries its face in front of the kitten, who in turn, tries to get to know the dog by feeling the dog’s face with her paws.

11th scene:
Dog tries playing with the kitten on the grass. The dog tries to get to know the kitten by using his paws to “feel” his new companion. But the kitten doesn’t seem to reach much.

12th scene:
Kitten tries to give her owner a high-five. But awkwardly falls off the bed. The kitten gets back up to approach the owner.

Fast forward to scene 13:
Cat tries to catch a stuffed toy popping up in a carton full of holes. Cat manages to get hold on the toy but somehow, the toy escapes from her grip, and pops up in another hole. And in another. And in another….


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