Bobcat Takes Life of Family Pet in Richardson

A resident in Richardson is mourning the loss of her dog. Her family pet was recently attacked by a bobcat who happened to have wandered in her backyard.

The resident, Frances SoRelle and her four-legged best friend, Leo, are there for each other even in the toughest of days.

“My mom had Leo a little over a year before my dad died,” said Skip, her son. “They had each other. They always keep each other company.”

On June 3, Frances brought Leo out so she could use the bathroom, which was situated in their backyard.

“She took him out and was right beside her,” he said. Then out of nowhere, a bobcat ambushed both of them and took Leo into the bushes. I think he took his entire head using his mouth.”

Leo was dragged into the bush and left for dead. The dog would end up not recovering. A week after, she finally put him down.

What devastated her the most is the danger happening in the backyards of Richardson’s Canyon Creek.

SoRelle came across another bobcat near his residence early February. On that very same month, another Richardson resident caught a bobcat in his yard through a surveillance camera. The following month, the city ended up trapping several bobcats.

Neighbors are clamoring for the city to take a proactive approach.

Her neighbor, Elise Bissell, is hosting neighbors, wildlife experts, and city officials in her residence to hear opinion of residents and what they could do to fight back.

In the meantime, SoRelle is working hard with city official to trap bobcats.

Frances SoRelle and her dog, Leo

Here are the facts:

• Bobcat wanders into Frances’ backyard and attacks her dog.
• Richardson residents complain on frequent bobcat encounters in the city.
• Elise planning to hold a meeting in her home to discuss bobcat issue.

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