How To Care For Your Cockatiel Video

Cockatiels are amazing.  I had one for years named Jo-Jo.

Cockatiel Care Simplified - Jo-jo the cockatielFor most of my life, I couldn’t whistle.

I’d mimic what other people would do with their mouths, and nothing but air would come out of mine.

After spending some time with Jo-Jo, I listened and did my best to mimic.  After some time, I got the hang of it.

That’s the type of memory that lasts a lifetime.

They are wonderful companions, they live a long time, they are good for young children, Cockatiels have a beautiful whistle

…and the list goes on and on.

I came across this video and thought a lot of people could use a few tips on caring for their new Cockatiel.

Of course, before you buy, you should check out our article “Tips Before You Buy A Cockatiel“.

It will give you a great reference for things to know before you actually take home one of these amazing animal companions.


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