Idaho Cat Recovering from The Plague


A battery of tests on a south Boise cat came back with a positive result for the plague, according to officials of the Central District Health Department.

“At the moment, the cat is currently in the middle of treatment and recovering,” said Christine Myron, a spokesperson of CDHD. The cat was residing in an area of impact, which is situated in the south Boise desert.

“In previous incidents, two cats from Elmore County had the plague and died,” said Myron. “We want to remind residents to be careful and keep animals and themselves safe.”

Updates on animals affected by the plagued will be posted in the official CDHD website.

Here are the facts:

• A south Boise cat contracted a plague infection.
• The cat is currently receiving treatment and recovering.
• The CDHD is encouraging residents to be careful.

See the full story at:


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