He Set Up A Maternity Photo Shoot For His Girl

He loves his girl so much…

…He set up a maternity photo shoot for her.

Dachshund maternity photo shoot

Image via Reddit user WeMissPluto

Here is the lucky mom-to-be limbering up in the sun before her shoot.

Note the owner’s sensitivity to her swelling by keeping her collar inside to cool upon her arrival.

Dog dachshund maternity photo 0

When you know it’s true love… 😉
Dog dachshund maternity photo 3


Dog dachshund maternity photo 2

Dog dachshund maternity photo 1

All photo’s are the property of Twitter and @ViewsFromAveT.  Follow him below.

He earned it 🙂

Ty’Air From The T on Twitter

My dog is pregnant so we took maternity pictures 😂😂😂


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