Dog with injured leg – and a litter of puppies – rescued

One of the greatest things you can see in the news is a nice heartwarming story.

Because news reports can so often be a downer, it’s nice to see a positive story in the news whenever possible.

The kinds of stories that improve our faith in the world and overall just put a smile on our faces.

Well, today’s story will definitely do just that.

Mama and litter of pups rescued!

In today’s news story, we see the amazing situation of a dog that was saved from serious injury along with her puppies. The dog, who is now missing a leg, was likely injured due to a car accident but remained with her puppies.

The dog had been living under a shed and caring for her offspring when she was rescued, ensuring they were safe from any predators.

Luckily, the dog named Faith was picked up by animal control and is now on pace for surgery for her injury. Additionally, there is an active search for homes for all the dogs, who have miraculously survived those hardships.

As I said, it’s very refreshing to see a story like this in the news. Considering how lucky Faith is and how bright the future looks, we should be appreciative of the great work the animal control unit did.

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