Dog Skateboards His Way To A Giants Game TV Appearance


We had no idea if it’s actually a goof thing to take a dog to a baseball game.

But have a look at this four-legged Giants fan.

The owner, who happens to be riding the skateboard, steps off….

The dog pounces on the chance and hops on the board like he’s had years of experience. His tail wags with excitement. Judging from this angle, he seems to be in the same level as most human skateboarders.

What better way to let a man’s best friends take on the board once in a while? What an incredible dog.

What’s the real story?

skateboarding dog giants game

• Pet owner hops on a skateboard as he makes his way to a Giants game.
• Pet owner hops off the skateboard.
• His dog steps in and costs down the side walk.

See the full story at:


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