Swanson Center to Start Program on Dog Training

Several students will now be offering obedience training to several dogs. It’s part of their journey to bring back a recently re-installed program at the Swanson Center for Youth.

yorkie puppy doing yoga

The Swanson Center for Youth, Delta K-9, and the Humane Society Adoption Center of Monroe have united for the program re-launching. Swanson students recently participated in the interview process in order to be chosen for the initiative, which admins hope will benefit both students and dogs.

Richard Robinson, director of the Swanson Center, indicated the program will offer an opportunity for improving leadership and social skills that can aid students in society re-integration after leaving Swanson.

“We bring these dogs to Swanson and they’ll be there,” said Ellen Hicks, board president of the Humane Society Adoption Center. “Students have already laid out kennel and a place where dogs will stay comfortably. When the training is done, we’ll put out an adoption. Or if someone has interest in a kennel dog before that, we can arrange a meet and greet.”

Chance Brasiel, owner of Delta K-9 Solutions, indicated students will really learn to take the dogs by means of leash obedience training. Students will later teach their classmates on what they learned.

Hicks believes the program is perfect for the humane society. The community can actively take part through puppy or dog adoption, or through donations.

Here are the facts:

• Students to assist in dog training program at Swanson Center for Youth.
• Three organizations organizes partnership to support the program.
• Program can help cultivate leadership, social roles, and active community participation.

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