Teenage Mutant Ninja Kittens

Could you imagine Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles being replaced by… kittens?!?

This clip gives a spin to the classic children’s cartoon.

These kittens are in it for the taking!

The rat master, with years of martial arts experience, felt he can teach just about any living, breathing thing standing in front of him.

After all, he’s the expert in hand-to-hand combat.

Thinking like this was nothing but child’s play (kitty play?) he sets out on a centimeter-long journey to teach these kittens the art of Kung Fu.

The four kittens, as cute as they can be, are treating everything they see as toys.

The rat master, sensing the learning curve ahead for the kittens, wasted no time.

Instead of going for the traditional exercise and physical training, he proceeds to providing them with weapons. Along the way, he names each of his pupils (sound familiar?).

To his surprise, the kitties ignored his weapons.

Instead, they played with them.

Some were so bored they opted to tinker with other toys lying around. But sensei isn’t giving up so easily. He tries hard to get them to use the given weapons and….

Venting his frustration, he sneaked out and disappeared.

Like a true ninja.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t believe the worst pupils he encountered was actually the enemies of his kind.

teenage mutant ninja kitty



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